Building Regulation Part L Compliance

Foster Design Associates Ltd specialise in providing consultancy services in achieving compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Whether domestic or non-domestic, new build or extensions we carry out SBEM and / SAP calculations to provide compliance.


Foster Design specialise in commercial compliance covered by Part L2A is one part of the four parts to Part L of the Building Regulations – Conservation of Fuel and Power in New Buildings other than Dwellings.

The specific requirements of Part L are defined as :

“Limiting heat losses and gains, providing fixed building services which are energy efficient, have effective controls that are commissioned and tested, provide the owner with sufficient information about the building and the fixed services so that the building can be operated to use no more fuel and power than is reasonable”.

By carrying out SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Models) calculations and a pass achieved, compliance with Part L can be achieved.

An As Designed stage SBEM calculation is required to be submitted to Building Control before any workcommences on site, and a second submission, the As Built documentation is required within 30 days of completion of the building.